Celeste Bernard

Celeste Bernardcelesticare@gmail.com

Passion, People, Prosperity - three motivating focal points that keeps Celeste making moves in the Real Estate Industry and in Life. Being a native to New Orleans, Celeste has also taken residency in various parts of Louisiana which has widened her scope of understanding the ever-changing real estate market, as well as people's needs. Her professional experience in Film Production during the start of growing Hollywood South in Louisiana, Managerial Sales, and entrepreneurial social projects contribute to her well-rounded business attitude to helping each client accomplish their real estate goals. Outside of practicing real estate, Celeste enjoys wholesome activities with her loving family, making time for creative writing projects, and traveling. Celeste understands that everyone has a story to tell and visions of where they're going. So if you're looking for to make Louisiana your home, Celeste can help you figure that out within the city limits of New Orleans and outside as well.