Gwyneth Vance


Gwyneth first came to New Orleans in 2001 as a graduate student at Tulane’s School of Public Health. A deep love for the City’s culture and way of life quickly grew. She found the architecture particularly captivating; a style distinct from anything she’d seen growing up in the Northeast, and one for which she is passionate about preserving.

Leaving New Orleans to pursue work in her profession was bittersweet. Though she traveled the world for her work in public health, Gwyneth’s memories of New Orleans called her home in 2013. She was just in time for the city’s home restoration boom. Having recently renovated her own home in North Carolina, Gwyneth dove in to the New Orleans market. She learned how to preserve the character and integrity of the City’s older homes and make them beautiful again- all without breaking the bank.

Gwyneth’s desire to become an agent grew out of her own experience of buying and selling property in New Orleans. As a sales agent, Gwyneth is honest, hard working and dedicated to her clients’ success.