Jolandra Cole


Jolandra—a personality and drive just as unique as the name, was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. Ever the Daddy’s girl (and the only child for about thirteen years), Daddy-Daughter time consisted of frequent and reluctant trips to Home Depot and watching her dad flip houses and commercial buildings. Little did she know that was the beginning of her love affair with the Real Estate Industry.

Almost five years ago, the then family of three (as of early 2017, now family of four) moved to New Orleans from Atlanta, Georgia. A long-time student and lover of Fashion, Jolandra’s journey to Real Estate took her from the Fashion Industry, to Logistics and Corporate Finance and Operations. Immersed in the culture that is New Orleans, Jolandra has found that she is exactly where she needs to be—and that’s in the center of the New Orleans Real Estate Industry.

Her appreciation for the architecture, the designs and the decorum of the homes truly inspired her to fully realize and follow her dream. “I love the process of finding houses and matching people with the right place for them, whether it be a buyer, seller, renter, lessor, or investor. Home means something different to everyone…and like a fashion stylist, you must engage into the person to find the perfect fit for him/her. The same is true for the interior décor. The successful completion of this process is the prize in and of itself.”

As a life-learner, Jolandra has been able to victoriously apply her varying experiences to new challenges and opportunities throughout her professional career. Naturally attentive, this social butterfly is looking forward to bringing a breath of fresh air to your real estate transaction. Remember the name. J-O-L-A-N-D-R-A. (pronounced Jah-land-jra).