Jolandra Cole


Jolandra—a personality just as innovative and unique as the name, was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. Ever the Daddy’s girl (and the only child for about thirteen years), Daddy-Daughter time consisted of frequent and reluctant trips to Home Depot and watching her dad flip houses and commercial buildings. Little did she know that was the beginning of her love affair with the Real Estate Industry.

While on this unwitting and inevitable journey to Real Estate, Jolandra’s experiences only elevated her business acumen. She worked as a model and stylist in the Fashion Industry, where her attention to detail, analytical skills, and creativity was honed, to Logistics, with enhanced organizational and management skills, and finally, to Corporate Finance and Operations, which strengthened her strategic planning and overall successful execution of financial and operational goals. It was during this last period that Real Estate continued to call her name. She took her exam and started full-time with Villere Realty in January of 2018. Now fully immersed in the culture that is New Orleans, Jolandra has found that she is exactly where she needs to be—and that is in the center of the New Orleans Real Estate Market.

As a life-learner, Jolandra has been able to victoriously apply her varying, cross-functional skillset to new challenges and opportunities throughout her professional real estate career. With her unrivaled passion, impenetrable motivation, desire to successfully problem-solve, and strong communication skills, this knowledgeable social butterfly is looking forward to bringing a breath of fresh air to your real estate transaction. When she is not assisting clients with accomplishing their property goals, Jolandra is running her blog, The, expanding her photography and crafting skills, and enjoying the adventures of life with her husband and two children. Jolandra is a member of the Luxury Home Council and is also a licensed real estate agent in Georgia, with a focus on Metro Atlanta. Accepting new clients, she always welcomes the opportunity to provide a high level of quality service through integrity, discretion, compassion, and commitment. Jolandra is happy to assist you with your wealth building needs. She is ready when you are. J-O-L-A-N-D-R-A. (pronounced Jah-land-jra).