Property Management

Whether you're on a 3 year contract writing assigment in Greece for Lonely Planet and you've left behind your little double in Bywater or if you reside in Orleans Parish proper (and maybe around the corner from our office too), your rental property may benefit from property management. Why? Because you have a life and maybe you don't want that phone call at midnight that your tenant lost their key or their ceiling caved in. Let us do it for you. First, we'll trouble shoot. Flipping breakers, lighting water heaters, testing appliances, and on. Next, and only if needed, we'll get a vendor on it. It's that simple. And at the beginning of every month, we'll collect the rent, tally up any applicable expenses, and furnish the funds due you whether via mail or a deposit. All up to you! We're in the real estate business to meet all of our client's needs, and property management happens to be one some investors feel better left to a local brokerage. That, and Greece is otherwise a little too far away to reasonably manage an investment.