Jean-Paul Villere



A tireless zest for Gulf South real estate paired with a hearty helping of digital nomadism, Jean-Paul navigates the 21st century Louisiana realty landscape at times abroad via the nimble assistance of seasoned, at-the-ready agents, a veritable variety of vendors, and a cultivated clientele.

Opportunity knocking in 2019 cemented pre-pandemic plans for an extended excursion to Barcelona. Beginning summer 2020 what was to be mere a sabbatical gradually revealed itself as a new life chapter that writes itself on the daily from the centuries old streets of Catalunya. Who knew?

In short, no matter where he may be, whether pedaling the broken streets of the Crescent City or exploring Costa Brava, Jean-Paul possesses a steadfast commitment to his clients and the SELA marketplace. Connect with him today on various social media platforms, email or txt.