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We worked with J-P for over six months, and he helped us navigate a number of neighborhoods, learn about the market, and figure out more precisely how to find our home. He helped us with several bids including our final successful bid. J-P is incredibly well-informed and one of the most pleasant people you can imagine working with...I cannot imagine a better realtor, and feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with him..

alamance0, New Orleans

I really cannot recommend Allison Alsup at Villere Realty highly enough. She helped me every step of the way through the purchase of my first home–– she was my trusted advisor and coach as a nervous first-time homebuyer going through the process, and my relentless cheerleader when my loan got complicated or I was experiencing the stress of managing the deal from afar. I appreciated that she patiently and clearly explained every detail, from contracts to timelines, and gave me space and time to consider my gut feelings and reactions to seeing each property before weighing in with her well-informed opinions about the pros and cons of each.

Her astute recommendations meant that after only one weekend of scouting, I found a great fit and was able to move forward in making an offer offer. Once the offer was in, Allison truly went above and beyond every step of the way and in every facet of this deal, from multiple visits to the property to make sure each repair was done properly to recommending a great inspector (my lender said it was the most detailed inspection they'd ever seen).

Best of all, she knows the ins and outs of New Orleans neighborhoods, because she truly loves the city and owns multiple properties there. She and can speak knowledgeably on the topic of restoring older homes to their original character, and helped me get in on a great little turnkey home with tons of potential and character in my limited price range, even though options were slim within my budget. In the end, she was able to make recommendations that saved me thousands of dollars (and some heartache and headache, too) and helped me get in on a quickly appreciating property at a great price at just the right time.

Fallon Y., New Orleans

Purchasing my beautiful historic shotgun home would not have been possible without the amazing real estate work of Allison Alsup. My home required a complicated FHA 203k renovation loan. To make matters more complicated, the seller was heading rapidly towards foreclosure, making communication, speed, professionalism, and precision on all sale matters of utmost importance. Allison was able to go above and beyond in covering all such matters while simultaneously calming my anxieties on purchasing my dream home. I would highly recommend Allison to anyone striving to purchase their own perfect home.

Linda G.

Jean-Paul Villere is a pleasure to work with. My husband and I came to him as first time buyers and he expertly guided us through the entire process. We quickly developed a great rapport and working with him was easy and fun. Jean-Paul is friendly, patient, calm, easy going, organized, attentive, enthusiastic, professional...everything we could have asked for and more. He knows a lot about New Orleans and clearly loves this city and his work. Jean-Paul has a generosity of spirit which is really what makes him so great to work with--he's not just a good real estate agent but a really good person--he made aspects of the home buying process fun and the frustrating aspects less frustrating. He gave us helpful advice when necessary, he was very accessible and answered any questions in a timely manner, he helped us through our first-time-buyer-anxiety and panic, and efficiently dealt with all the last minute surprises and situations that arose while we were trying to close. We feel lucky that we met Jean-Paul and wouldn't have wanted to work with anyone else. I don't have any criticism to share because he exceeded our expectations. We would definitely work with him again and highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Jean-Paul!

L.B., New Orleans

“Three years ago, some friends highly recommended Jean-Paul, as they had purchased a home with his help. After three years of inspections that uncovered deal breakers, appraisals, and other hurdles, my wife and I purchased our first home today. Jean-Paul was incredible at every step of the way. Jean-Paul is extremely responsive via phone, email, text, smoke signals - whatever, and extremely knowledgeable (without being patronizing) about the whole process. Being first-time buyers, we had many questions and he helped us understand the complicated - and sometimes head-scratching - world of real estate. Additionally, I found Jean-Paul to be the right balance between seeing the potential in a unique property that would be an adventure, and grounded in realism, either based on our criteria, market, etc. It would be easy to have a realtor that just wants to "do the deal", get paid, and not worry about the rest. This is the antithesis of the type of service and counsel Jean-Paul provides. If Yelp had 6 stars, he'd get all of them. Give him a call!”

Trey, New Orleans

“House buying. It can be an intimidating process. Thankfully there are agents out there, like Jean-Paul Villere that can make it less-so. Let's start at the beginning. I never EVER thought I'd be a home owner. For starters, I'm from New York and not a millionaire so it kind of becomes ingrained in you that you'll likely never own an actual *house*. A condo, an apartment, maybe. For no less than 800K for a studio. Yah, you can keep it. I'm super cheap and never have in my life paid a lot for rent, so a future of renting seemed like not such a bad prospect. Add to the fact that I've been kind of a nomad the past 4 years (I've moved 6 times between three cities). Exactly a year ago, I saw a home-buying seminar hosted by Villere Realty on Yelp. As much as my free spirit might consider other cities here and there, I want my roots forever to be in New Orleans. And buying a house seems just the way to ensure that. I hadn't the first clue as to what the process even was. After an hour spent learning about it, thanks to Jean-Paul V, I decided the time had come to get moving on it. I signed up for his weekly emails listing properties and went to open houses. I even found a house I put an offer in on, but I was about a day too late and the house went to people who put an offer in before me. That was in early October. I decided to put off looking as I concentrated on saving and credit-building. How boring, right? My New Year's resolution was to buy a house and come this summer, I knew time was drawing nigh. I went on to a bunch of open houses in early July but I kept thinking about this house in my neighborhood that was up for sale. I love the Marigny and have always felt it was the neighborhood I wanted to live in. I wasn't sure the was right for me, but I figured I might as well look at it and Jean-Paul quickly made the arrangements with the selling agency. Now I'm going to make it simple because I don't want to drag y'all through the process with me: I saw, I liked, I offered (all through Echosign docs, yay for quick and convenient), it was accepted and a month later, the house is now mine (not without a lot of stress along the way - NOT thanks to JP, but the bank - with some minor annoyances thanks to, big shock here, the insurance companies). For the purpose of this review and why you should consider Villere Realty as your go-to when you're ready to buy a house:

  • incredibly prompt replies to all your emails and when necessary, a hop on a call quickly helped me to make decisions, etc.
  • appointments for inspections, closing, repairs etc--all easy peasy
  • I don't know if like me you're wary of slick real estate brokers, but Jean-Paul is not at all like that. He's easy to talk to, maintains a good sense of humor (really, this IS necessary), knows NOLA like the back of his hand so he can advise newcomers to the city VERY well, AND, during your final week of INSANE loan-related stress, he will talk you down from the ledge (full disclosure: yes, that was me).

So there you go. I couldn't see myself working with any other realtor in town.”

Joi, New Orleans

“My fiance and I went through a couple real-estate agents before Jean-Paul swept us off our feet. It's a telling sign when buyers know more about homes and neighborhoods in New Orleans than the agents you're paying to be the experts. Not so with Jean-Paul, a presevationist, entrepreneur and urban enthusiast with an impressive cache of insider info and enough patience to satisfy even the most demanding client. The difference here is Jean-Paul's sincerity. Simply put, you can trust the guy. Lots of agents are enthusiastic. Thanks to texting, even more are responsive to your 24/7 needs. Quite a few have been in the business awhile and know the ropes fine enough. What distinguishes Jean-Paul is that he listens, he cares, and he will make it happen. Along the way, he'll become your friend. Working with him was the best experience we could have had.”

Kimberly, New Orleans

“My husband and I first met Jean-Paul when we rented an apartment two years ago. As a landlord's liaison he was friendly, replied to our needs quickly, and facilitated communication excellently. There was something very appealing about his honest approach, love of the city, and friendly demeanor and when it came time for us to start looking for our first home purchase we went to him to guide us. Working with him was great. We didn't know what we wanted and he helped us through the whole process. Even though we had a modest price range, he never suggested that we exceed it nor did he ever make us feel like we weren't valuable clients. He was funny and charming and the least sales-man like real estate agent I ever met. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone I know and would use him again in the future if we are in the market again.”

Brittany, New Orleans

“Jean Paul Villere is one of the most outstanding folks I have dealt with in the city of New Orleans. His knowledge of real estate, from market prices, to the advantages and disadvantages of various neighborhoods, to 'what's available right now,' to who to call or how to fix virtually any home problem is virtually encyclopedic. Additionally, watching him interact with others in the real estate business (the title company personnel, other agents) gave me the solid impression that just about everyone thinks as highly of him as I do. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and competent, I couldn't recommend anyone more strongly.”

Michael, New Orleans

“JP knows the market and is very helpful and patient with those with specific difficult requirements such as myself. Really appreciate the work he has done for us and would definitely recommend him to anyone.”

Scott, New Orleans

“Jean Paul went through a lot for me and on my behalf to get me into the home that was perfect for me right now. His patience more than proved his worth and assured me that I had chosen the right Realtor. Villere Realty knows and loves this city and is dedicated to seeing it come back stronger than ever. He knew the right places and prices for houses all over the city and his quick find in between Mid-City and Uptown helped me get an offer in first for a house that had only been on the market a few days. Jean Paul is extremely well-versed in home repair and very well-connected with local contractors across all fields to get you the right repairs for the right price. I'm grateful for sincere friendship and trust that came from working with Villere Realty. I know where I'm going for my next house purchase and where I send all my friends and employees for theirs. Thank you JP!”

Mark, New Orleans

“Jean Paul helpled my wife and I find a house that we absolutely love. He has a no pressure approach that makes the process very easy. He was able to really understand our situation and what we were looking for and used that to guide us through the process from beginning to end. His knowledge of the market is amazing. We will certainly consult Jean Paul on any future real estate ventures or issues.”

Jason, New Orleans

“Jean Paul Villere of villere Realty LLC is a very personable, honest and knowledgeable realtor in the uptown New Olreans area and has been very helpful to my family with regard to manage a rental property.”

Marcy, New Orleans

“After a very bad experience with another realtor, I was delighted to find Villere Realty. Jean Paul is very professional and nice, and he is very quick to respond to any questions or problems. I am happy to have this opportuntiy to let other people know how terrific he is.”

Cathy, New Orleans

“Jean-Paul is a very helpful and low-key agent while helping us purchase our home. Others had looked at the house, which was in need of a major renovation, but had declined the opportunity. He gave me plenty of time to crawl all around and examine the property. More notably, his offerings of ideas were interjected perfectly. Not too wordy, he understood the critical calculating and assesment that I was performing, he was very respectful. Since the closing, well over a year ago, we have remained friends. He looks at ideas from several perspectives and is very resourceful, also very generous with his local knowledge.”

Jason, New Orleans